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Trump Is Now President: Don't let the hate win

I keep meaning to write more, I really do. Unfortunately, it seems that I'm usually driving when the muse hits and I mentally come up with a really long post I want to share and by the time I get home I've forgotten the words I came up with. I try to write anyway but end up giving up and saving it as a draft, waiting and hoping for the words to come back. You should see how many drafts I have...Tonight, however, this post just jumped out at me while I sit here waiting for my phone to charge before bed. Today a new President was sworn in. A man who many ( myself in cluded ) don't feel should have won. That point is no longer relevant; he's officially the President like it or not. All we can do now is stay vigilant and use our voices and actions to keep him in line . Who knows, maybe the people who voted for him were right. Maybe he's not going to do a bad job. Maybe things will get better...only time will tell. It got me thinking about things though. Ok, maybe I&